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  • Best Used Cars For Sale | Private Sales vs Dealers
    Uploaded 1 month ago

    Best Used Cars For Sale Private Sales vs Dealers

  • The Best Renault Used Car Models For Families
    Uploaded 1 month ago

    The Best Renault Used Car Models For Families

  • Buy A Used Nissan For Sale For Its Intelligent Design
    Uploaded 1 month ago

    Buy A Used Nissan For Sale For Its Intelligent Design

  • Tips When Searching For Used KIA For Sale
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    Tips When Searching For Used KIA For Sale

  • Vehicle Of The Week: The Renault Triber
    Uploaded 1 month ago

    Vehicle Of The Week The Renault Triber

Uploaded 1 month ago

Best Used Cars For Sale Private Sales vs Dealers

Best Used Cars For Sale Private Sales vs Dealers

When it's time to change upgrade or downscale to a different car, you'll have a huge pool of potential places to go online window shopping. From automotive sales websites to classifieds websites, finding the car that fits both your needs and budget is easier and more convenient than ever. Wading through the online seas to find the best used cars for sale and finding what looks like the perfect match will lead to a private seller or a dealership, but which is the better or safer route to go? 

Private Sellers The Pros And Cons

Dealing with a private seller creates a thin line between striking unusual luck, or possibly making a devastating mistake. Finding a car being sold by its owner can look like a great deal, but there are risks to purchasing from an individual. In our current economic climate, people are struggling and many are forced to sell their assets to keep afloat, including their cars. Their urgency to quickly generate money to either survive or in preparation to emigrate means you can find a car at a much lower price than you'd typically expect. If you're dealing with an ethical and honest individual, you'll drive off with a car that's in a great condition and doesn't have any problems that you weren't aware of before buying it. However, there are unscrupulous and desperate people trying to make a sale, who might not divulge any less encouraging information about the car. Most of us have heard horror stories of buying a used car, only to be stuck with a mountain of faults and breakdowns, and the seller is suddenly completely unreachable. There are no guarantees of quality assurance when you buy from a private seller. If anything goes wrong from the moment you take ownership of the car, it's entirely your problem to deal with. 

What To Do If You Consider A Private Sale

If you feel the car you're interested in is worth the risk and effort, make every effort to ensure that you don't get caught unawares before you sign or pay anything. There are many scammers online who may ask for a deposit before you've even seen the car in person, so remember to never agree to any upfront payments under any circumstances. When you go to view the car, take someone with you who has expertise in car mechanics and what to look for. You can also request a full inspection and certificate from the AA, which is definitely worth the cost if you want to be sure of what you're considering investing in. If the owner hesitates or refuses to allow you to test drive the car or have it be evaluated, you should be very wary. Any honest seller would not have a problem with their car being inspected if they have nothing to hide. Another concern is that the seller may not be the rightful owner of the car, in which case you'll be left with huge legal repercussions for purchasing a vehicle illegally. Always ensure that all the paperwork for the car is present and up to date before making a decision. 

Dealerships The Pros And Cons

Buying from a dealership means you're dealing with a legitimate entity that you can refer back to if anything does happen after you buy a car. Unlike a private seller, a dealership can't just up and vanish after you buy from them, which should give you a good deal of reassurance. Unfortunately, not all dealerships are equal either. Some smaller dealerships have been known to swindle their customers or leave requests for assistance on deaf ears by avoiding and ignoring calls and communication altogether. Before you make a final decision about where you buy your car from, be sure to do some background investigating the dealership, their reputation and customer satisfaction. With larger dealerships and franchise dealerships, you won't have this concern, as they typically adhere to a much stricter quality control process and want to ensure that their customers are happy. Larger dealerships also put all the cars they sell through meticulous inspection and preparation before making the cars available to buy - this is to ensure that you get a reliable car and that any issues or faults that may exist will be made known upfront. Should anything go wrong after you buy the car, you should have a grace period where you can discuss the issue with the dealership and possibly negotiate liability relief. 

We at Imperial Select have a huge selection of the best used cars for sale and make every effort to ensure our customers are happy and our cars are all thoroughly inspected, cleaned and that the necessary paperwork is present. We also offer peace of mind through our customer service and after-sales services, so that you can buy from us with confidence.

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The Best Renault Used Car Models For Families

The Best Renault Used Car Models For Families

Renault has been a popular and trusted car manufacturer for decades and has created some strikingly impressive vehicles - both in aesthetics and advanced features - in recent years. If you're on the hunt for a new vehicle that will cater for a new or growing family, considering a Renault would be a wise move if you'd like to ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience for you and your loved ones. Here are some of the most popular and recommended Renault used car options if you're currently looking at used vehicles for sale.

Renault Kadjar

Initially unveiled in 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Kadjar has been discontinued as of 2020 but still stands its ground as an excellent family vehicle option. A beautifully styled crossover model that's sure to captivate and draw attention, the Kadjar is perfect for large families and has been awarded a 5 Star Euro NCAP rating to boot. An elevated driving position allows for an optimal sight of roads and surroundings even for shorter drivers, which ensures increased safety while driving. 

The Kadjar features panoramic windows to let more light into the cabin, all the while maximising peripheral sight for drivers. A hands-free parking system alongside park assist and a rear parking camera adds much-appreciated extra reassurance to drivers who aren't entirely comfortable with their parking skills. Upholstery options range from synthetic leather finishes to durable cloth material, while an interactive touch screen console will keep you updated and connected the entire time. 

In terms of fuel consumption, you can enjoy a range between 4.6 and 5.7 litres per 100km, depending on which model you're driving. The Kadjar is available in 7 colour options with five different model variants, including two turbo petrol engine models. Despite its relatively short production period, the Kadjar has reaped only positive reviews and will surely be an esteemed model to drive around in, considering its limited availability. 

Pre-owned, the Kadjar sells for between R160,000 and R220,000, on average. 

Renault Captur

Launched in 2013, the Renault Captur quickly became an international hit, selling over 1.2 million units to date. With its sleek lines and generously spaced interior, you'll definitely be a cool parent driving around in one of these. Not just your garden variety car, the Captur introduced buyers to all-new customisation options, including two-tone bodywork and a range of chrome and lighting variations. Not being left behind in terms of safety, the Captur also raked in a 5 Star Euro NCAP rating for safety, while boasting an array of features including a MediaNav® Touchscreen Multimedia Tablet, leather steering wheel and gear knob, Chrome Pack,  removable zip collection seat covers, ABS, EBD, EBA, ESC, automatic windscreen wipers, driver seatbelt reminder and 4 airbags.

Available in twelve colour variants and combinations and three model options, ranging from a 1.5dCi to an 88KW Turbo EDC or 66KW Turbo Capture, you can expect 4.2 to 6.6 litres per 100km from this sporty crossover SUV/hatch. Pre-owned models range in price from between R115,000 to R360,000, depending on the year, model variant and customisation. 

Renault Duster

If you and your family enjoy hitting the less beaten paths and love camping, the Duster is the perfect four-wheel companion to transport you to new destinations. Built to endure environments that others would surely fail taking on, the Duster is one of Renault's premium off-road SUV models. You'll comfortably tackle any city, town or dirt road, all the while enjoying premium features such as full cabin air conditioning, ABS, central locking, power steering, full cabin airbags and roof racks, alloys, spotlights and elevated ride height.

There are seven colour options available for the Duster and four model variants, which range in fuel consumption from 5.2 to 8.8 litres per 100km. A pre-owned Duster will cost you anywhere between R80,000 to R364,000, depending on year, mileage and features.

Choosing a Renault used car for your family's future adventures will ensure not only quality and safety but a truly exciting and fulfilling driving experience, no matter where you go. Remember that Imperial Select offers a vast range of both new, pre-owned and demo vehicles and we update our stock inventory daily, so be sure to check in on our website often.

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Buy A Used Nissan For Sale For Its Intelligent Design

Buy A Used Nissan For Sale For Its Intelligent Design

There are certain things we all look at when considering upscaling or changing to a newer car. Great fuel consumption, safety features, good resale value, reasonable parts and service costs, price of tyres and insurance premium rates tend to be the main factors to consider. Automotive innovation has come a long way in a short time and now you can have a car that's not only functional but also offers a full suite of additional features to make your driving experience more comfortable, pleasant and safe. Nissan has been developing some very impressive advances in their more recent models and we recommend you consider this manufacturer for your next set of wheels. Here's why.

Nissan ProPILOT

While cruise control has always been hailed as a great convenience feature in past years, Nissan has worked hard to advance far beyond this innovation to bring you even greater driving comfort and safety. Enter ProPILOT, an advanced intelligent driving assistant that will ensure you stay much safer on the roads. ProPILOT helps to keep your car in its lane while you're driving so that even when you aren't at your most focused or find yourself distracted by calls or passengers, your car will stay its course without a flaw, even around bends and curves. Rush hour traffic will become a breeze, as ProPILOT constantly monitors the traffic ahead of you and keeps a safe following distance while slowing down and speeding up as traffic moves. 

ProPILOT also has a parking assistant that automatically glides your car into a parking spot, without any concern about hitting a kerb or having to re-take that reverse or parallel parking attempt because you were a bit off centre - a great help for many people who aren't confident about their parking skills. You simply need to select a parking spot, then activate ProPILOT Park. The system will then calculate space and turning required, and do the parking for you. 

If this sounds like a great feature to make your everyday driving better, you can find ProPILOT and ProPILOT Park integrated into Nissan's Qashqai, X-Trail and Patrol models. 

Nissan Safety Shield 360

Being completely aware of everything around you when driving can be difficult at times, and we all have days where we're not as mentally sharp as we'd like to be, which can cause unforeseen accidents. Nissan has developed Safety Shield 360 as yet another feature to help compensate for driver error by automatically detecting events in the surrounding area and responding in time, in case you miss something. This includes scanning for pedestrians who suddenly run or walk into the road, checking your blind spots at all times, lane departure warning for when you are about to turn into moving traffic or change lanes and it's not safe to do so, high beam assist that turns your brights on and off automatically when you're approaching oncoming traffic, and rear automatic braking for when you don't see or know about obstacles behind you when reversing. The Safety Shield 360 works through an integrated and constant communication between your vehicle and a global satellite system that monitors any and all activity around your car, whether it's standing still or moving at any speed. You may not have eyes at the back of your head, but with the Nissan Safety Shield 360, you won't need it.

In addition to this great safety and driver-assist features, Nissan models also constantly scan the road ahead of you and detect traffic signs as you drive. The intelligent interactive console will then notify you that there are speed changes ahead, stops or oncoming hairpin bends, for example. This was implemented for in case a driver didn't spot a road sign and might be driving too fast in an area, might drive through a stop or didn't notice an oncoming change in the road's slope or curve. In addition to this, Nissan is constantly monitoring driver behaviour and working on new technological solutions to prevent typical mistakes or accidents made by drivers.  

With such advanced technology to make your every driving experience so much safer for yourself and your loved ones, don't you think buying a used Nissan for sale would be a smart investment?

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Tips When Searching For Used KIA For Sale

Tips When Searching For Used KIA For Sale

If you've got your heart set on a KIA model and have decided it's time to finally take that leap and buy one, you're bound to set out on a search journey of proportions not much less tedious than house shopping. Cars are, generally speaking, considered to be the second biggest financial investment you'll ever make, so it's completely warranted that you take your time to do research and hunt for the best possible option for your available budget. KIA is very popular and is a much sought-after car brand in South Africa and the brand's very modern innovations along with their striking design style have made all of their models desirable to the masses. To help you with your search and to hopefully make the entire process easier and more efficient for you, we've compiled a list of tips when searching online for a used KIA for sale.

Google Is Your Friend

For instant and comprehensive details on where your desired KIA car is available, search Google and remember that putting more specific details in your search query will narrow down the results to the most appropriate to what you're looking for. For example, if you don't just want any available KIA Rio but have your heart set on a specific year, variant and colour, use all of this information in your searches. Bear in mind that the more specific you are, the fewer results you're likely to have, so if you're flexible in terms of attributes, make your search more general to get a larger selection of options.

Scout Dealer Websites

These days any dealerships have an online platform where they display and sell their vehicles. Browsing their websites will save you a huge deal of time as you won't need to travel to every brick and mortar dealership to enquire and view a car. Most websites also have a filter option which is very useful if you want to cut through several pages of results to search through. Filter your search by make, model, year, mileage and price, among others and remember that these websites update almost daily, so keep checking them often.

Don't Forget Social Platforms And Reputable Websites

While the majority of cars can be found on dealer websites, you might also strike it lucky by searching trustworthy classified sites and by also giving Facebook Marketplace a look. Many dealers expand their marketing by also advertising on these platforms and if you're willing to look at buying from a private seller and not deal with a dealership, which we don't advise, these are your best bets. Just remember that private sales do come with a great deal of risk and no guarantees to protect your interest, so if you do go this route, do not pay for or sign anything until you have met the seller in person and looked at the car yourself. There are three other very important things to do if you buy privately. Firstly, always ask for all paperwork to verify that the car is roadworthy, has all its documentation and licences, as well as a paper trail indicating its history. Secondly, have the car inspected by a professional before you make any final decisions. Whether it's a mechanic you trust or a motoring authority like the AA, rather take the time and pay the small extra cost to be sure that you're making the right decision. Thirdly, if you want to be certain that you won't get scammed or run into trouble with the sale, have a lawyer draft up an agreement that both you and the seller need to sign, indicating the terms of the sale. That way, both you as a buyer and the seller know what to expect and can fall back on the contract if anything goes wrong.

Set Up Automatic Notifications

Many reputable auto dealer websites give you the option to request to be notified as soon as they receive stock of the particular vehicle you're looking for. Sign up for these and you will save a great deal of time when it comes to scouring several websites every day. You can also set up an RSS feed on your computer if you'd like to have quick access to any new additions online.

Get Directly In Touch With Dealerships

Vehicle stock typically goes through a quality control process and several checks before they're placed online to be sold. You can contact your local dealerships and ask them to notify you the moment new stock arrives so that you'll have the first preference and a better chance of buying the car before too many other people are made aware of it through ad placements and websites. Another tip to keep in mind is that there is a national online inventory of all cars available for sale in the country, and all dealers have access to this list. That means they can search and track down something very specific for you even if they don't have it in their stock inventory, and arrange for a sale transfer if you're eager to buy the vehicle. Also remember that most reputable used car dealerships offer the option to have the car delivered to you, wherever you are in the country, so don't let the fact that you're in a different province deter you from scouting nationwide. Delivery typically doesn't cost too much extra and some dealers would even be happy to arrange for delivery free of charge if you negotiate with them.

We hope these tips will help speed up and simplify your search for that perfect used KIA for sale and remember that Imperial Select offers a range of carefully checked and quality assured second hand KIA models for sale, so check out our website or enquire for more information.

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Vehicle Of The Week The Renault Triber

Vehicle Of The Week The Renault Triber

Hybrid category vehicles aren't a new thing. They're so popular that they fly off our new and used shelves. We've experienced crossovers and SUVs that double up as family vehicles for years now, but Renault has put a whole new spin on the game with the introduction of the Triber. Let's not leave you in suspense and get right into this vehicle discussion.

The Perfect Fusion Of All Three

While it has a striking aesthetic, nobody would blame you if you are left wondering whether it's a hatchback, an MPV or a mini SUV. That's because it is a perfect fusion of all three, all neatly packaged into 3.99m of versatile space - and man alive does it look good! If you're looking for a Renault used car or a brand new one, this model is definitely worth a look.

Adaptability And So Much Space

Adaptability is what the Triber is all about and Renault brags that it has more than 100 different configuration options to suit your every need. It has seven seats, allowing you to comfortably carpool or take a large group of friends - or kids - out and about. Perfect for the whole family. If the need for seats isn't your biggest priority but space is, that's not a problem either. All the rear seats are collapsible and removable, and with the modular layout of the Triber, you'll have more than enough cargo space in no time to use for large loads. It also comes standard with roof racks that can safely hold up to 50kg, in case you run out of cabin space when going to one of those month-long family road trips or need to move house and have a million and one boxes.

Features In Abundance To Enjoy

Inside the Triber you'll have no lack of features, as it comes packed with air conditioning vents for all three rows of seats, which means your passengers will all get to enjoy crisp, cool air in summer or much-needed warm air during the colder seasons. Temperature control at its best! The centre storage unit is air-conditioned, which means your drinks will stay cold, while there are two glove boxes available on the two higher-end versions of this model. Interactive features weren't neglected either in this sleek vehicle, as all variants of the Triber come with an integrated infotainment system, featuring a touch-screen display and control unit that gives you access to Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth sound and microphone features as well as controls to adjust settings on the vehicle. As is key with Renault, safety features are not compromised in this model. You'll find airbags in all models, as well as ABS and EBD features.

Impressive Fuel Consumption 

Fuel consumption comes in at an impressive 5.5l per 100km and that's not even the best part about this vehicle. For all these features and adaptability, you'd expect the cost to rank in the upper three or four hundred thousand, but the Triber is available at a remarkable R164,900 for the base model. There are three variants available Expression, Dynamique and Prestige, the top-line version is priced at R189,900.

For those not seeking a firsthand model, you're in luck as secondhand models are available. All our second-hand vehicles are efficiently checked, cleaned and maintained and come with low mileage so it's like driving out the showroom with a new vehicle. If you're in the market for a Renault used car remember that we stock a huge collection of carefully checked Renault vehicles and other models and update our website inventory daily, so keep checking in!