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  • Choosing a New or Used Car
    Uploaded 9 years ago

    Choosing a New or Used Car

  • 7 Things You Never Want To Hear When Looking At Car Specials
    Uploaded 7 months ago

    7 Things You Never Want To Hear When Looking At Car Specials

  • Need To Buy A Car? These 6 Simple Tips Will Make The Process Effortless
    Uploaded 7 months ago

    Need To Buy A Car? These 6 Simple Tips Will Make The Process Effortless

  • How To Pick The Perfect Used SUV Without Breaking Your Bank
    Uploaded 8 months ago

    How To Pick The Perfect Used SUV Without Breaking Your Bank

  • 4 Reasons You Should Go With The Flow And Pick A Car That Doesn't Stand Out From The Crowd
    Uploaded 8 months ago

    4 Reasons You Should Go With The Flow And Pick A Car That Doesn't Stand Out From The Crowd

  • Clever Ways To Slash Your Car Service Costs
    Uploaded 8 months ago

    Clever Ways To Slash Your Car Service Costs

Uploaded 9 years ago

Choosing a New or Used Car

Choosing a New or Used Car

A used car can offer the best value for money, while a new car can allow you to choose the exact car you want. Here&rsquos our guide to help you in choosing a new car or a used car and your various options.


Buying a New Car

You can have a vehicle built to your exact specifications, but it can be expensive. There&rsquos plenty to recommend when buying a new car



&bull You can get the exact motor car specification that you want

&bull You are the first time owner of the vehicle

&bull You get a manufacturer's warranty included with the new car

&bull You may get car discounts and finance deals

&bull Good servicing deals are also available

&bull A MOT wont be necessary for three years


&bull Can be expensive

&bull The car's value can go down in the first year of ownership

&bull New cars can have long waiting lists


Where to a buy a new car

New cars are now available from a variety of car dealerships

  • Main dealer

The easiest place to buy a new car is from a car dealer. You should get a high level of service with the backup of an efficient team if anything should go wrong with the car. Most times they are affiliated with the manufacturer who has built the car, so this relationship ensures that this backup is possible.

  • Online car retailers

You can buy a new car online and get some big bargains by cutting out the dealer. Many car dealer websites can source you a brand new car in the specification you want while giving you huge savings. Some buyers like the reassurance of being able to deal with someone face-to-face, but new cars bought online or at the dealerships should always be supplied with a full manufacturer warranty.


Buying a used car

By choosing a used car You might not get a car in the exact specification you want, but you can  save thousands of rands.



&bull Good value for money

&bull You can drive away immediately in some cases

&bull A wide choice of cars, many of which are no longer available to buy new

&bull Used cars have already had the significant drop in value which normally occurs just after purchase when new

&bull No &lsquorunning-in&rsquo is required


&bull Chances of a warranty are lessened

&bull The car could have a hidden history

&bull You are given less options to choose your exact specification

&bull Availability of rare car models can flunctuate


Where to buy a used car

There are plenty of places to buy a used car, all offering different prices and options.

  • Main dealer

They dont only sell new cars, main dealers usually have a good stock of used cars too. Some of the used cars cars will be from the car maker they&rsquore affiliated with, so the salesperson will know their cars well. You can expect a good level of customer service, finance deals and warranties, but this service can come at a premium. Main used car dealers will often have access to used approved and pre-registered cars.

  • Used car dealers

Independent car dealers are a common occurence and they generally specialise in used cars. Their used cars will vary in type, size and price and will be from a variety of manufacturers.

  • Private car sellers

Finding a car at a bargain price is perhaps best achieved by buying used car from a private seller. There&rsquos a high chance you&rsquoll find your desired car  as thousands of motorists every month sell their cars privately across the country. Private sales aren&rsquot covered by specific laws, meaning buyers need to make sure the car doesn&rsquot have a chequered history as there&rsquos little comeback if the deal turns sour.

  • Auctions

There are dozens of bargains to be had at car auctions, however it is one for the pros. There maybbe little comeback if your purchase turns out to be a lemon because you&rsquoll have little or no opportunity to test the car before you buy it.


Visit for new, used and demo cars



Uploaded 7 months ago

7 Things You Never Want To Hear When Looking At Car Specials

7 Things You Never Want To Hear When Looking At Car Specials

With certain purchases, it's easy enough to see if what you're receiving isn't what you paid for. For example, if you order a set of wine glasses, a crack in one of them means you can return your purchase and get your money back or exchange the cracked glass for an intact one.

Unfortunately, not all purchases display such obvious signs that something's amiss, and the more complex the item in question is, the longer it could take you to figure out that you've been duped by an unscrupulous seller. Cars fall into this category, and we all know someone who's ended up with a problem-riddled vehicle when they were promised one that would work perfectly. While there are certain precautions you'll take, often it's what the seller does and says that indicates something is wrong long before the car has a chance to disappoint you. Whether you're browsing car specials at your local dealership or visiting a private seller from an online listing, listen out for the following statements. It could prevent you from making a significant purchase that you'll regret!

"Someone else has already made an offer to purchase. Better act quick!"

Of all the lies that unscrupulous sellers tell, this one is by far the most common. Nobody wants to feel like they've passed up a deal of a lifetime or that they missed out on something because they hesitated too long. While this might be a winning strategy when haggling for souvenirs on holiday, it's one that doesn't apply when it comes to a significant purchase like a car. They're trying to pressure you into buying something - so don't fall for it!

"This offer is only available if you choose our financing option."

The car in question looks great, and its price is more than reasonable. The only problem is that the dealer is telling you that you can only acquire the vehicle if you opt for financing through the dealership - and what do you know, the person responsible for approving financing just happens to be present on the day you're visiting! Again, the goal here is to make you feel like if you delay in any way (even if it's to explore your options), you'll miss out. Again, a car purchase is too big of a decision to be made under this kind of pressure.

"I'll email you the paperwork later."

A request to see any kind of paperwork regarding the vehicle should be something the dealer can quickly provide. If you ask them for the car's service history, proof a used car has been settled with the company that financed it previously or any other documentation you need for peace of mind - and they can't immediately provide it - halt the sale process until they do. Beware if they can only produce photocopies or if they try delay giving this to you as it's never a good sign.

"You'll never guess what happened!"

Does the car in question come with a ludicrous story attached? Is the owner a widow who tragically lost her husband in a skiing accident or something else equally unlikely? A dramatic backstory usually comes with a 'too good to be true' pricetag, and the seller will be eager to get rid of the vehicle, most likely because it's stolen - or they plan on reporting it stolen after you've paid them for it. In real life, most people will be too embarrassed to share the sordid details of their lives with you and will proceed with a sale as usual instead of oversharing with a total stranger.

"Please pay the deposit into this overseas account."

If you're being asked to pay the car deposit or full price into a Western Union account or any other online money transfer account that isn't in one of South Africa's major banks, be concerned. A dealer should have a verified and official bank account. Here, it pays to research the details you've been provided with. Google any addresses they've given you as well as the name of the account holder to see if it differs from the name of the business you're familiar with. You might find it links to a trading company without a website or traceable references, or a post box instead of a legitimate brick and mortar business.

"You can only test drive certain vehicles at specific times."

Often dealers will secure a better model than the one they plan on selling you and have you test drive it. The best way to see what the general condition of all their vehicles is like is to show up without warning them several days in advance and request to test drive several cars present. If they try to discourage you from doing this or tell you that you can only book a car a week in advance, they might be attempting to conceal something from you.

"Let me explain to you..."

While cars will differ slightly from brand to brand, overall, they'll function in the same way. This means that you could be faced with a model you're not used to and be able to figure out how to drive it without detailed assistance. If a dealer starts to overexplain certain things to you, it could indicate they're trying to distract you or make excuses for red flags that are right in front of your face. Nobody expects perfection when examining a pre-owned car, but pointedly having flaws like mysterious stains and scratches described to you could indicate they're hoping you'll overlook something else worse.

It might seem like the process of buying a car on special is fraught with opportunities for you to get cheated, but the truth is that most dealers and private sellers are good, honest people and aren't trying to pull a fast one on you. Make a note of the above tips and choose an established seller like Imperial Select and you're unlikely to go wrong.

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Need To Buy A Car? These 6 Simple Tips Will Make The Process Effortless

Need To Buy A Car? These 6 Simple Tips Will Make The Process Effortless

Buying a new car is exciting. However, getting from the browsing stage to the stage you sign on the dotted line is less so. Whether you want to buy a car that's new or one that is used, the process isn't one that can take place overnight- unless you don't mind ending up with a vehicle you regret purchasing! If your current ride can still get you from A to B safely and efficiently, you have time to make an unhurried decision on what your next car will be. If you want to make the best possible choice for your needs and wallet, consider implementing Imperial Select's six simple tips for buying a car. You'll find that each tips makes the process of hunting for a vehicle less fraught with pitfalls and more fun than ever!

Ready? Let's go!

Tip 1 - Save, Save, Save

Saving isn't the most glamorous way to work towards getting a car, and if you're like most South Africans, it would take you years to secure enough finance to purchase one outright. Buying a car and paying for it in full is excellent if you can afford it. However, if you're thinking of getting it financed, you should realise that even the tiniest amount put down as a deposit could shave months (or thousands of rands) off what you end up paying in the end. Having a deposit will make you a more attractive prospect to lenders, so if you can, try to put away a little each month. By giving up the occasional beer or your daily cappuccino, you could decrease your monthly payments - and we think that's more than worth it.

Tip 2 - Don't Rush Into A Sale - Ever

The dealership across the road from your workplace has put an enticing sign up. They're offering a cute little hatchback for just under two grand per month - but only until month-end. It's a steal - so you should snap it up, right? Not until you read the fine print. The hatchback could indeed be just R2000 per month - but it could come with a hefty balloon payment at the end of the term. Alternatively, it could be for a basic, entry-level model lacking all the comfort and safety features you'd assume it would have. While all car deals seem pressing and urgent, never let yourself commit to one without carefully considering the pros and cons first. If a dealership or salesperson starts pushing you before you're ready, rather find a seller that will let you choose a vehicle at your own pace.

The same principle applies to financing. Don't feel obligated to accept the first offer you receive. Take your time, look around and don't conceal this from the bank in question. You might find this motivates them to give you a better deal in terms of your interest rate or overall payments.

Tip 3 - Look At Less Than You Can Afford

When considering the cost of a potential car, never, ever choose one that's close to the higher end of what you can afford. Remember that your car instalment might only make up half of what you'll need to pay per month. You'll need insurance, and you might also need an extended service, maintenance or warranty plan. Then, of course, there's fuel, which experiences unpredictable price hikes and drops every month. A car that is costing you more than you can afford every month is not one you want to be saddled with. If you end up having to sell it even just a few months later, it will have already depreciated by a significant amount, so you'll likely have to sell it at a loss or break even with what you owe on it.

Tip 4 - Know When To Look

Did you know that what you pay for a car in one month could differ from what you pay in the next? Timing is everything when it comes to buying a new car, and if you're willing to wait a little, you could save thousands. This means shopping during quiet selling periods, such as during the December holidays or over the Easter festive period. If you have a specific model in mind, do your research or enquire as to when a new release or update will be released. When this occurs, many drivers will want to trade-in or sell their models just so they can say they're driving the latest one, which will mean you'll have plenty of low mileage vehicles in good condition to choose from. If you don't have that much time to spare, wait at least until month-end or the end of the year's quarter, as this is when you're likely to find a good deal as old stock is cleared and new stock is brought in.

Tip 5 - Be Open To Compromise

It's natural to have strong opinions about which car brand is the best. It's something that will be informed by your personal experience and the feelings of your family and friends. However, this should never be the be-all and end-all of your decision-making process. We're not suggesting buying a car you find hideously ugly and would hate to drive. We're saying that even if you have your heart set on brand X, give brand Y a chance too. We suggest writing down a list of qualities your car needs to have and asking your local Imperial Select to shortlist a selection for you. Many a time a buyer has walked into one of our dealerships hellbent on Honda - only to find out one test drive later that a Hyundai better fulfils the vision they had in mind for a dream vehicle. You have nothing to lose, so why not?

Tip 6 - Buy Now, Kit Out Later

Your car should never be a utilitarian piece of equipment that only allows you to travel back and forth. Enjoyment is necessary - as are perks like a backseat infotainment system (to keep the kids busy on long drives) and heated seats (for those chilly winter drives to and from work). It's important to differentiate between what you can afford to add now - and later. For example, purchasing a car with an advanced climate control system included in the price would be wise, but things like tinted windows can easily be added after the fact, with little hassle. It's something to keep in mind if you're trying to keep your initial costs low.

Follow the above tips and not only will you end up with the car that's just right for you - you'll also be fending off comments from others wondering what your secret is to having had such a painless car buying experience. Whether you share them or not is up to you!

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How To Pick The Perfect Used SUV Without Breaking Your Bank

How To Pick The Perfect Used SUV Without Breaking Your Bank

South Africans are spoilt for choice when it comes to many things - one of them being that we're surrounded by the most magnificent landscapes, passes, reserves, routes and trails to be found on the planet. Most of these spaces are open to anyone with a sense of adventure - and the right vehicle to navigate the terrain. That's all well and good until you take a look at the prices that an average brand new SUV is going for. It's a difficult expense to justify - especially if you already have a vehicle - so what can you do? Instead of abandoning your plans of weekends in the bush, why not enjoy the best of both worlds by purchasing a used SUV for sale? Here's how to make sure you end up with one that meets your needs. 

How Big Is Big Enough?

Before you decide on anything else, you'll need to pick the right size SUV for your needs. Will you be going off on family adventures or bringing friends along? Will you be travelling alone or with just one companion? Make sure your choice is reflected in your seating - as well as in your storage and cargo space. Any money you save on purchasing a more compact SUV can be put towards including some luxury additions to the vehicle like leather seats and improved entertainment. Which brings us to the next point&hellip

What Will Go Where?

It can be tricky to visualise how much space you'll need in your SUV. Many people underestimate how much space things like tents, sleeping bags, cooking and hiking gear, sports equipment, food and essential off-road accessories take up. You want to be able to travel comfortably, no matter how many people are accompanying you, so be sure to make note of how big a cargo area you require as well as if you can reconfigure any seats to give you more space. If you'll be travelling with a large group, then you'll need to make sure the towing capacity is sufficient for whatever size trailer you'll need. It's best to overestimate your needs here, as picking a vehicle without adequate capacity can ruin your transmission, slow down your braking time and result in your trailer swaying or detaching.

How Off-Road Will You Be?

This is a tricky question to ask yourself, and one that requires honesty. If you're confident you'll strictly be using your SUV for exploration far from civilisation, in all kinds of conditions, a traditional SUV would be best. However, if you spend as much time in the city as you do out of it, you should consider opting for a crossover or hybrid model that can manage the demands of both without breaking a sweat. These are also good options if fuel consumption is a concern for you.

How Rough Will You Get?

If you're planning on getting rough and tough with your SUV, you'll want a body-on-frame model, which means that the vehicle's body is placed onto its hardy frame. This dramatically increases the vehicle's weight - but gives it the twisting, hauling and towing capabilities that it needs.

Another essential quality is to go for a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle over a two-wheel-drive (2WD) one. Without 4WD capabilities, your SUV will get stuck quickly and easy and lack the power and traction needed to navigate up, down and out of steep, muddy, sandy and rocky areas.

What Would Be Nice To Have?

By deciding on the qualities your SUV must have, you'll be better equipped to differentiate between your wants and needs - and be able to see what extra features you might be able to get for a reasonable price. Depending on the year, make and model you select you could get everything from heated seats and rear-view mirrors to climate control, extra vehicle trims and adaptive braking. Make sure you don't end up opting for features you want but will never use, which could push up the price of your vehicle considerably. 

Whether you end up opting for Ford, Jeep, Land Rover or other brand, you're guaranteed to find a suitable used SUV for sale at your nearest Imperial Select. View our range and then get in contact with our team to take one for a test drive.

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4 Reasons You Should Go With The Flow And Pick A Car That Doesn't Stand Out From The Crowd

4 Reasons You Should Go With The Flow And Pick A Car That Doesn't Stand Out From The Crowd

It's time to get a new car, and you're understandably excited. Here's your chance to pick the perfect model to represent yourself as a person - one that will announce your arrival and departure everywhere you go and will be in your Instagram stories and Facebook posts for months to come. For this, of course, not just any old car will do. You'll want one that stands out from the crowd. No conventional cars and popular brands for you, as only the truly unique will do. 

Seems like a good decision to make, right? Well - yes, and no.

While a unique model from an imported vehicle brand will undoubtedly make an impression, you might find what you need right in front of you - and one that requires less effort, time and money to procure. Don't dismiss popular vehicles just because everyone is buying them. After all, they're selling out for a reason!

Here are few advantages of joining the crowd and buying a brand's most popular model. A Hyundai car for sale that's a great example of this is the i10. This popular entry-level hatchback is the second most searched for budget car in South Africa. So why should you consider one? Here are just a few compelling reasons.

Peace Of Mind

 There's no point in driving a showstopper if it's not going to keep you safe on the road. According to the Automobile Association of South Africa's Entry-Level Vehicle Safety Report on the safety of 27 vehicles under R180,000, the i10 is one of the safer models you can choose, with features like ABS, EBD and airbags coming as standard on specific models.

Ease Of Access

When you're getting a new car, you don't want to have to wait weeks or months to get access to it. Choosing a car that's readily available and doesn't have to be brought in from other parts of the country or modified in any way, means that you can purchase one without a long wait, wherever you are in the country - or online, with Imperial Select. 

Quick Fixes

All cars will need care from time to time, whether as part of its scheduled maintenance and servicing or after an accident when it needs parts repaired or replaced with spares. A popular model means that you'll easily find what you need without worrying about having to pay an arm and a leg for it. You'll also have technicians on hand who know how your model works and how to best repair or see to it. 


An advantage of driving a car that many other people have opted for is that you'll gain access to wealth of reviews and guidelines from other drivers who have the same year, make and model as you. They can give you an insight into a vehicle based on qualities that the brand itself might not mention, such as how well the car handles when navigating around potholes and what factors influence its fuel economy.

If you've driven a Hyundai before and enjoyed your experience, you'll also already be familiar with the brand and trust it - and it's easier to commit to something you know. 

Customise Your Ride

Still unconvinced that this kind of car will allow you to express your individuality? Remember that there are dozens of ways you can quickly and affordably customise your vehicle, such as with vinyl wraps and car magnets, different colour and size rims, spoilers, window tints, tail fins and even body panels. On the inside, you can change your car seats, and your interior provided none of your modifications are illegal and impact the car's safety or performance.

Why choose a more complicated solution when an easier one is right in front of you - at a lower price? Get your pre-owned or demo Hyundai car for sale and make it yours.

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Clever Ways To Slash Your Car Service Costs

Clever Ways To Slash Your Car Service Costs

It's that time of year again - not tax submission season, but an event equally dreaded. You need to take your car in for a service, and you know it's going to cost you an arm and a leg to fix what needs fixing. Here, you'll have two choices - suck it up and pay for the service in full, or put it off until you have more money and risk having gaps in your car service book. Neither option is great. The former will mean you might need to dip into your savings to pay for it, and the latter could make it harder to sell your car to a buyer later on. What if we told you that you could lower what you'd normally pay for a car service with a little effort and cost on your part? It's possible - if you commit to year-round maintenance. 

Servicing Alone Is Not Enough

Imagine what would happen if you only went to a dentist once a year for a cleaning - and never brushed your teeth, flossed or used mouthwash. Your teeth, tongue, and mouth would be in a horrendous state, and there's no way any dentist would give you a quick once over and release you. You'd probably have cavities and infections, requiring specialist care. This will cost you more than it would a person who maintained a daily, weekly and monthly oral health regimen. 

The same principle applies to vehicle maintenance. Many of us ignore our vehicles until they need a service or major repair. It's no wonder then that our service costs are higher than they need to be - and it also shows you how easy it would be to lower them.

So what can you do to keep your service costs from escalating and enjoy a lower bill when the time comes? Here are some tips.  

Read Your Manual

Remember that book that came with your car when you bought it? The one that you promptly tossed on the shelf and forgot about? It's time you dusted it off and started reading it. Your car manual is there for a reason - and it's filled with detailed advice for keeping your specific model functioning as it should. No two cars are the same, so why would their care and maintenance plans be? What a KIA car service requires will differ greatly from what's required for a BMW. 

Take It Easy

If there's a car damaging habit that most South Africans are guilty of, this would be it. Excessive acceleration, braking, and revving are all big no-nos and will slowly but surely shorten the lifespan of your brakes, clutch, and tires. Integrating a GPS device or app into your daily commute will help you avoid traffic and unnecessary stops so you can get from A to B without rushing. 

Be Aware

Many expensive vehicle maintenance service costs come about as a result of ignoring small problems that gradually grew bigger. Cars aren't mysterious creations, and will always give you a sign that something's wrong, in the form of a strange smell, sound or emission. 

Most people enter their cars, switch on the radio and start driving to their destination without a second glance. Instead of doing this, take a look around your vehicle. Do you see anything untoward? Moreover, instead of turning on your radio immediately, drive around for a few minutes in silence. Does anything sound strange or unusual to you? In time you'll soon get used to what your car sounds like on a good day - so that the moment something goes wrong, you'll notice it and take action. 

Use Only What's Recommended

While we tend to only think about our car's well-being leading up to and just after our regular service, there are some things we can do ourselves in the many months between these events that will ensure that our car is in better shape when it does come time for a checkup.

In particular, your car's manufacturer will have made it clear to you the preferred and suggested petrol and oil types to use with your model. It's essential to stick strictly to this advice and not just stick any old liquid into your chariot.

While you're at it and behaving conscientiously, it wouldn't hurt to ensure that your car's tires are permanently inflated to the recommended pressure which will help you avoid any knock-on effects that could damage your car. 

A sky-high service bill doesn't have to be an inevitability. Follow the tips above, and you could knock a zero or two off of what you'll pay for your already affordable Imperial car service.